May 28, 2015

Stadium Menu for the 2015 Women’s World Cup

Women's World Cup 2015

Whether you are an avid Team Germany Fußball fan or an avid Team USA Soccer fan, consider Chinook Tavern home during the 2015 Women’s  World Cup in Canada! We are happy to be your World Cup Headquarters – specifically Team USA and Team Germany – from June 6 – July 5. Join us during Team Germany and Team USA matches and enjoy our special Stadium Menu:


“ChinooKebap” – 13

Chinook Style Doener Kebap

Thin sliced beef and lamb meat, pickled red onion, fresh cucumber

tzatziki, zesty sauce on artisan grilled flatbread and pommes frites

Chinook “Curry Wurst” Rot-Weiss – 8

Applewood grilled bratwurst, tomato curry sauce,

pommes frites and mayonnaise

“Fleischkaese” – 11

Bavarian meatloaf topped with baked gruyere,

sauerkraut, pommes frites and spicy mustard

Classic Chinook “Bratwurst Tasche” – 10

Applewood grilled bratwurst, sweet onion, sprouts, parsley, spicy mustard

wrapped in artisan grilled flatbread

Rote Gruetze – 5

A combination of sweet and sour cherries, raspberries, and boysenberries,

topped with crème anglaise

½ Liters of Paulaner Bier – 6

Stiegl Radler (Grapefruit) – 7

Cerren Vodka Bloody Mary – 6

Stone Cellars Chardonnay – 5

Stone Cellars Merlot – 5

Frozen Obstler – 5

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