April 9, 2014

Germany’s Royal Culinary Delight

Chinook Welcomes Spargel Season

Chinook Tavern is excited to bring the “Spargel” season to Denver and invites you to participate in the celebration!

Spargel is white asparagus and in Germany, it is the most sought-after treat during the short season from April to June. Traditionally, as April winds down, everybody is looking forward to the new harvest coming to market. Some feast at home while others feast at restaurants, which serve “Spargel” in many variations (The “Spargel” Menu).

We fly our Spargel in directly from the fields of Baden, one of the prime growing regions in Germany, to serve it as fresh as possible. We try to provide a steady supply, but there may be shortfalls due to delivery delays. Do not hesitate to call ahead or ask your waiter to insure we have availability.



White asparagus was valued so high in Ancient Egypt that it was given to the departed as a provision for that last journey. Louis XIV of France the Sun King (Le Roi-Soleil) was so crazy about the long spears that he cultivated them in his own court garden. He not only indulged in its taste, but also believed in its power as an aphrodisiac.

The Asparagus season officially starts on April 24 in Berlin with a parade and the traditional ride of the “Spargel Koenigin” (Asparagus Queen) through the “Brandenburg Tor”. Spargel Markets then open all over the regions (like Schwetzingen). The season traditionally runs through June 21. An old farmers proverb states: “Cherries Red – Asparagus Dead” meaning that when cherries are ripe it is the end of Spargel season. This practice allows growth to secure a good yield for the following year’s season.

Spargel is in especially high demand by discriminating gourmets. Very difficult to grow, it requires a sandy, mineral rich soil, first class humus and the care of an experienced grower. It takes 3 years after planting before the first harvest can take place with each cultivation having a maximum life span of 15 years. The harvest of Spargel is more difficult and labor intensive than any other vegetable. The edible, desired stalk is the part of the starting growth on the root and the growing stalks are identified by small cracks and humps in the soil. Careful digging by hand is necessary to cut the stalks at the root before the tips break through the ground to avoid any discoloration by sunlight exposure. “Spargel” is low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.


The Spargel Menu*

“Spargel” Cream Soup ~ whipped cream & chives     MP (coming soon)

“Spargel” Naturel     MP

“Spargel” Classic ~ smoked European ham, toasted almonds, fingerling potatoes & sauce hollandaise     MP

“Spargel” with Applewood Grilled Bistro Tenderloin ~ toasted almonds, smashed fingerling potato cake & Morel cream sauce      MP

“Spargel” with Chinook Classic Veal Wiener Schnitzel ~ toasted almonds & bratkartoffel    MP

“Spargel” with Apple-Wood Grilled Halibut ~ toasted almonds, fingerling potatoes & tomato butter    MP


*We try to provide a steady supply, but there may be shortfalls due to delivery delays. Do not hesitate to call ahead or ask your waiter about availability


Bon Appettit!


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